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Everybody should have a chance to work as part of a community, regardless of their challenges. At Game on State, your purchase provides opportunities for all individuals including people who are neurodiverse to work and socialize as a part of our amazing staff.
We invite you to shop with us as we grow.

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Our Commitment

Building our commitment to opportunity regardless of ability, Game on State is proud to announce that we are now offering a new service for our inclusivity heroes to help deliver goods for your personal or business needs. By choosing to have your project fulfilled by Game on State you are creating opportunities and furthering the journey to success for individuals with special needs.

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What Our Community Says

‘’We love that this is run by a local family and they give back to the community often. And the candy selection is also top notch!’

Brooke Forry

"It is a fun arcade. Everyone is nice to me when I work here. I love bagging the candy, putting stickers on and making shirts."

HenryGame On State Staff

‘’We love Game On State! Kids and parents love it. And they love the CANDY!!’

Rachel Catrambone

I love to wipe the equipment. I enjoy all the friends I have made at work. I look forward to coming here every week.

NaradaGame On State Staff

‘’Thank you so much for making a tie die Game on State for me. It fits great and the colors are awesome. And I couldn't ask for a better group of people.’


I love working at game on state because it is everybody’s arcade so that means anyone is welcome. You can come here with friends, family or even on school trips. The most exciting thing about the job is everyone is friendly and a “judge free” zone. You can basically be yourself when you work here.

LexieGame On State Staff

Our Team

We foster employment inclusivity and opportunity at Game on State. Every one of our employees is unique with unique needs. And 20% of our staff are partnered with coaches to help them to match their abilities with the work opportunities that we offer. Our motto is ‘It’s what you can do, not what you can’t do.’ Our customized and supported work environment for those with needs is what makes Game on State such a special and fun place to work for every member of our staff.

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